Christianity has been a significant influence on the American Republic from its earliest days. Join us on this seven-day study tour as Ligonier Teaching Fellows Drs. Steven Lawson and Stephen Nichols bring the story of this nation to life. We’ll explore some of America’s greatest historical sites, discover the story of the French Huguenots, and walk in the footsteps of figures like John Wesley and George Whitefield. On this remarkable journey, encounter the faith of many of America’s earliest settlers and the enduring heritage they leave for Christians today.


Saturday, November 5


After flying into Charleston, SC, we’ll meet at baggage claim and shuttle guests to the hotel, where we will enjoy a welcome reception.

Hotel: Luxury Accommodations

Sunday, November 6


After breakfast and a worship service, we will begin our walking tour in Charleston and learn about the Southern Presbyterian history of the city. Along the way, we will visit several historic churches, including the Circular Congregational Church, which was established in 1681 by English Congregationalists, Scotch and lrish Presbyterians, and French Huguenots of the original Charles Towne settlement. After guests have lunch on their own, we’ll enjoy a horse carriage ride through the historic district of Charleston. Enjoy free time and dinner on your own in Charleston. Afterward, we’ll share a formal welcome dinner.

Hotel: Luxury Accommodations

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Monday, November 7

Charleston to Savannah

After breakfast, we will continue our journey to what is known today as Parris lsland, where we will visit the ruins of Charlesfort and the USMC Parris lsland Museum. Jean Ribault established a Huguenot colony here to be a refuge for French Calvinists. The Huguenot migration to South Carolina was part of a larger diaspora, traditionally known as le Refuge, which continued from the late 1670s to the early 1710s. After considering this history, we will head to Savannah, Georgia, where we’ll see the church at which John Wesley and George Whitfield both served as ministers. You will have the evening to explore and dine on your own in the culturally rich city of Savannah.

Hotel: Luxury Accommodations

Meals: Breakfast

Tuesday, November 8

Savannah to St. Augustine

After breakfast, we will begin our journey to St. Augustine, Florida, and we will explore the Spanish fort, Castillo de San Marcos. This fortress was constructed from 1672 to 1694 to guard the first major city established by the Spanish on the North American continent. We will tour this historic village and share lunch together. The rest of the day is yours to explore, shop, and dine on your own in the eclectic city of St. Augustine.

Hotel: Luxury Accommodations

Meals: Breakfast & Lunch

Wednesday, November 9

St. Augustine

Following breakfast and a morning message, we will visit Fort Caroline, the settlement of the French Huguenots that was established just south of Jacksonville in 1562. During the conflict in France known as “the wars of religion” between Roman Catholics and French Huguenots, the Huguenots founded Fort Caroline at the site of St. Johns Bluff in 1564. The established fort was raided by Roman Catholic Spanish forces, led by Admiral Pedro Menendez, in 1565. The attack resulted in the slaughter of nearly 140 French Calvinists. As we consider this harrowing history, we’ll share dinner together and hear an evening message from our teachers.

Hotel: Luxury Accommodations

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Thursday, November 10

St. Augustine to Orlando

This morning will begin with a quick breakfast before we board buses to Matanzas and continue our historical exploration of the fearless Huguenots. ln 1565, Jean Ribault received word that the Spanish, who considered the French Calvinists to be heretic intruders, were planning on excising the French Huguenot encampment at Fort Caroline. Hoping to catch the Spanish off guard, Ribault set sail with several hundred men to attack the Spanish encampment. After the Huguenots shipwrecked off Cape Canaveral, the survivors came ashore, weaponless, and were captured by the Roman Catholic Spanish. We will come to the area where the Spanish, led by Menendez, put the Huguenots to death. After visiting the surroundings of Fort Matanzas, we will board our buses and enjoy a final lunch together before heading to Orlando.

Hotel: Luxury Accommodations

Meals: Breakfast & Lunch

Friday, November 11


After a good night’s rest, we will assist all guests who are traveling out of Orlando International Airport.

Meals: Breakfast


Steven Lawson

Dr. Steven J. Lawson is founder and president of OnePassion Ministries in Dallas. He is a Ligonier Ministries teaching fellow, professor of preaching and dean of D.Min. studies at The Master’s Seminary, and host of the Institute for Expository Preaching.

Stephen Nichols

Dr. Stephen J. Nichols is chief academic officer, a Ligonier teaching fellow, and president of Reformation Bible College. Steve joined Ligonier in 2014, and he helps maintain the academic integrity of the ministry. He holds a Ph.D. from Westminster Theological Seminary.

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